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December 29,2017

God said, ' it is not good for man to be alone'! And he said it for a reason. Men nature is to be needed. When a woman shows to much

in-dependency it makes a man feel not needed. It strips him from his manhood of being needed. That's why they pay sex providers. A woman should never stop making her man/husband feeling  needed.

They are insecure about themselves

December 28, 2017

Men with insecurities have low self esteem. They have serious problems making a commitment with a woman.

Why men pay sex providers !

This blog maybe one of the most ugliest reason why men pay providers but it's the truth.

It's plain simple some men just don't know what to do or say.

They have low self esteem for many reasons like:

Being over weight

Lack of social skills

Feeling unattractive

May have been abused as a child or in a previous abusive relationship

Thinks he's not good enough

Doesn't have the ability to attract women

Can't appreciate a woman's true radiance and he's worried about the woman out shinning him. So he rather be in a private setting and pay a provider to have control over the situation because he's paying for it.

He don't get enough attention and a provider can make him feel he's the only man in the world. It makes him feel special and important.

Can't satisfy one partner in a relationship so he looks to exploit a woman (sex provider) sexually that will make him feel as if he is the bomb lover. But the reality is that's what sex providers get paid for.

A man with insecurities and low self esteem would never be satisfied because he's not happy with himself. He will continue to chase the thrill instead of finding his self and growing up !!!

Want a woman's companionship

December 27, 2017

Even if you are a man's wife or girl friend he desires for you to be his best friend too. Its great foreplay and will keep the fire burning in the relationship. Men can sometime be easily distracted by so many other opportunities. Example: (women)

But if you can give him companionship which is:





Intimacy and rapport

This will make it very difficult for him to be so easily distracted because men crave this so much from a woman. But so hard to find.

Why men pay sex providers !

Want a woman's advice

December 26, 2017

In today's world men have a lot of pressure on them. They are expected to do and know everything !



Pay bills


Handy man

How to please a woman sexually

How to treat or talk to a woman

What a woman really want

What's a nice gift for a woman

Where's a nice place to take a woman

How to understand a woman

And the list goes on but the best way to find out what a woman want and like is to ask another woman with experience.

Why men pay sex providers!

Men also like for women to tell them what she wants and believe it or not they like to be told what to do in a respectful way. It's not always about sex but after stimulating his mind and giving him something to work with it's easy for him to get turned on.

Want a woman to listen to them

December 23, 2017

It has been said,"to win a woman's heart is to listen to her problems Believe it or not men are the same way!

Most men were taught to be strong by holding back, but its the opposite. They want to be able to trust a woman with their secrets of the good, bad and ugly. This take some men time to build the trust that a woman will listen without being interrupted or judgemental.

One thing that turns a man off is a nagging woman and a woman that don't listen to his heart or will throw it back in his face.

He has to be able to trust his woman.

When a woman don't listen to a man or interrupts him it makes him feel what he has to say is not important!

Reason why men pay sex providers!

Dissatisfied in his marriage or relationship

December 22, 2017

There is no exact reason why a man is dissatisfied in his marriage or relationship but a few is because there's no communication and bad body language.

Men expect for a woman to already know what they like or she should do. Which is impossible for a lot of women. All women just don't have the experience.

Reason why men pay sex providers!

I suggest try to develop an open communication by starting off just being honest about what turns you on or off.

It's good to use body language for a jump start, such as hugging, cuddling and kissing.

Looking your other significant in the eyes. That's a great sign of being honest.

10 reasons why men pay sex providers?

December 21, 2017

What is a sex provider ? Its a nicer word for prostitute, call girl or escort.

What do a sex provider do? What they get paid to do.

The 10 reasons men pay providers are:

Dissatisfied in his marriage or relationship

Want a woman to listen to him

Want a woman's advice

Want a woman's companionship

They are insecure about themselves


To make them feel like a man by being in control

Extremely high sex strive

Want a specific fetish

Addicted to sex

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