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Stay connected here for updates on Tours,  Speaking Engagements, Workshops,  Book Signings, YouTube Channel, Book Club Discussions, Interviews and, Documentaries. Check out Events listed below. Also we appreciate all donations used to invest in our vision.



Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

Month of September Events

Sunday - Monday 11am-12pm  with your Host Cassandra Brand 


Every Sunday 11am -12pm Financial Literacy  

Every Monday 11am-12pm Purpose of Closures with Host Cassandra Brand

Every Tuesday 11am -12pm

Every Wednesday  11am-12pm  FREE DAY SPEAK YOUR MIND drop the mic and pass it on

Every Thursday 11am -12pm

Every Friday 11am - 12pm

Every Saturday 11am - 12pm Rare Jewel Show with your Host Latasha McCray

- Breast Cancer Awareness

Seminars and Workshop.

- Building of Self-Esteem

- Personal Development

- Positive Mindset

- Living benefit

Sunday - Monday Check out daily YouTube Channel Cassandra Brand  aka MsAlexis

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